Mahia Beach Motels and Holiday Park
Located on New Zealand’s beautiful East Coast, at the northern tip of the Hawke's Bay…. 1 hour south of Gisborne...  40 mins east of Wairoa..... 2.5 hours north of Napier.......
We have cabins, tent sites, Campervans and Caravans are welcome… Motel rooms with a view of the bay and standard motels at ground level for easy access.
We also have a self contained holiday homes in the village visit www.mahiabeach.com to view. We have security gates on the camp please go to upgrade page for details.Make sure you have a $20.00 cash deposit for the key card.

In memory of our founder and creator of the Holiday Park.
Farewell Les who died on 18th December 2013.Les was the man who had the vision and created this wonderful facility so that many generations could come and experience the Magic of  Mahia.Thank you Les for the vision and hard work to make this happen. God Bless. Thanks for the Memories. 
The camping ground and motels were born of a vision of Les Fulton's in 1961.Thanks to Les and Shirley many people have experienced the Magic of Mahia over the years.    

Mahia Beach Motels and Camping Ground.
Then                                                         Now


Mahia Peninsula
The stunning Mahia Peninsula has long been a surfing, fishing & diving mecca and a popular holiday spot for people around New Zealand and the rest of the world.
Due to the mild climate, Mahia Peninsula has become a popular all year round destination for holidaymakers and tourists.
'Mahia' translates to murmur or indistinct sound. In its full form, Te Mahia mai Tawhiti means “the murmuring of home”. This rather romantic name refers to the immutable echo of the ocean, a sound permeating the small settlement that over the years has continued to grow alongside the sea. For decades, the breathtaking scenery has made Mahia a favourite holiday spot for many families and individuals.

Mahia Peninsula has 2 coastlines. One facing toward Napier with a long cresting safe swimming beach  and the other facing toward Gisborne with golden bays and rocky out crops.
If the sea is rough on the Napier side, it is usually calm on the Gisborne side and vice versa. Travelling from one coast to the other is easy and quick.(12-15 mins) So you can enjoy the day no matter the wind direction.
There are boat landings on both sides of the peninsula with ample room to park your vehicle and trailer.


               Mahia Beach Boat Landing                               Fishing at Mahia Beach

                  Whangawehi Boat Launching                       The golden beach of Te Mahia                Te Mahai 

Te Mahia. The Gisborne  (eastern) side, coastline has rock pools and long running rocky out-crops for a fun day exploring and seafood gathering.
Mahia Beach. The Napier coast line has a rocky sea bed, which is great for setting crayfish pots, to catch a few crays to enjoy at your table.

Mahia has many activities which can be enjoyed on the land and water.
Check these out:Land Activities and Water Activities